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Brunch. Appetizers. Dinner. Desserts. Cocktails.
Our menus offer everything from our legendary Poppy Seed Cream Cheese Danish to our signature dish, Pork & Clams.
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About Us

In a town known for good food and good times, this cozy nook of a restaurant has risen above its competition for nearly 45 years to become an iconic destination for brunch and dinner. This season, it’s changing hands. Courtney Hurst, former bus person/waitress/bartender/manager of Edwige, bought it from her mentor, Nancyann Meads, and is committed to delighting Edwige regulars and newcomers. Courtney, Chef Kieran Toivonen and their team of experienced and passionate hospitality all-stars are amped to grow even further this iconic brand. We hope you’ll be our guests so you can see how we’re respecting, and exceeding, the restaurant’s reputation.

News & Events

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